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Welcome to HireExFelon.com, where we believe everybody deserves a second chance.  We offer all the resources you need to successfully gain employment even with a flawed past.

Steps to Obtaining a Job

1.)  The first to do as you begin is to create a resume.  We have plenty of information available on creating a resume. 

2.)  Once your resume is created, please submit your resume.

3.)  We will then submit the resume on your behalf to the hundreds of companies that we work with.

4.)  Find employers that will hire an ex felon.   Submit your resume and/or fill out applications at the local offices of these big companies like Wal Mart and Home Depot.

5.)  Ace your interview.  A good resume will get you in the door, but that is only half the battle.  Prepare for your interview thoroughly.  Arrive on time, use good eye contact and dress nice.

6.)  Celebrate with your new wholesome friends because you just got a new JOB!!!