Can a Convicted Felon get a Passport?

Having a felony record can have serious implications later on. A felony record can prevent someone from getting a passport. A criminal arrest record will have even bigger impact of the ability to acquire a passport even if you have lived an angelic life since serving your sentence in prison.

 What Can Prevent You From Getting a Passport

There are a number of crimes that can prevent you from getting a passport to travel outside the United Stated. The main charge that can have this effect is a drug charge. This is especially true if you use a passport to traffic the drugs.

If you have a pending arrest record, you will not be given a passport. Likewise, anyone on parole or probation will not get a passport.   You may also have an order forbidding you from leaving the country, and as such will not qualify for a passport.

How to Get a Passport With a Felony

In some cases, you may still be able to obtain a passport to travel outside the country even if you have a felony. One of the easiest ways is if you had your record expunged. However, some felonies cannot be expunged, and some felonies are such that you will not get a passport unless you receive a presidential pardon.

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