Why Should a Company Hire a Felon?

It’s very common for a company to wonder exactly why they should hire a felon.  After all, there are plenty of other people that are willing to work out there, why would it make sense to hire someone with a felony  record as opposed to someone with a clean record?  There are a lot of reasons why your company should consider hiring an ex felon and it isn’t just the tax credit that you’ll become eligible for.

They Are
Extremely Hard Working

This point is pretty simple.  Ex felons have less opportunities than the rest of the American workforce because of their felony record.  Because of this, they will work extremely hard to keep their job and make their bosses content.  The reason isn’t just because they want to impress their boss and be an excellent employee, it’s also because they know that if they get fired, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to get another job anytime soon.  Individuals who don’t have a lot of options and they know it, which is great to increase employee retention.

Help To
Change a Life

When you hire an ex felon, you’re giving someone an opportunity that they can live a normal life again.  In order to survive in the USA, there are two necessities;  A place to live and a job to pay bills.  If a person doesn’t have a job, they’ll eventually end up homeless and then they’ll  turn back to crime to survive.  It  is a vicious cycle and if your company is willing to give an ex felon a chance, then you’ll be able to help them get out of these hardships and change their life.  


After being unemployed for months or even years, you’ll finally be giving someone a chance at a job and their loyalty is unmatched.  How would you feel about working at a place that gave you a chance after 1000 other employers turned you down?  They are grateful for the opportunity and won’t let you down.

Ex Felons Work 
For Less

The lack of job opportunities available to an ex felon is a good chance for you as an employer to hire a qualified worker for less money.  Remember that they still deserve a fair wage, but also realize that because most employers won’t take a chance on them, you’ll be able to hire them for less money than what it would cost to  hire someone without a criminal record.  This will end up saving your company money and because of their increased loyalty.

Tax Credits

How would you like your company to get a tax credit in the range of $1,200 – $9,600?  The government has created something called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) that allows business to get a credit for hiring an ex felon.  It doesn’t apply to every situation out there, but a lot of companies can easily qualify for it.   

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