* Temp Agencies That Hire Felons

temp agency girl at deskEven though most of staffing companies that hire ex felons are also successful in placing them with certain companies, that doesn’t mean somebody with a felony conviction on their record will be able to work with certain employers. However, because temp agencies work with so many different companies throughout a given region, it becomes much easier for them to find adequate employment, even if it is only temporary, for ex-felons.

A temp agency is a company or organization that helps people find work through a variety of different companies. These temp agencies work directly with potential employers, determine what type of positions are available, the qualifications that must be met in order to get the job, and then cross reference that with those individuals who have filled out applications, took skills tests, and have done other things to make themselves readily available for work.

When going to a temp agency and filling out an application, you may be required to take a series of tests that can include general knowledge, skills, and more. If you have a certain set of skills that may be valuable to certain employers, let the temp agency know about this. For example, if you are adept at using Microsoft Word or Excel, the temp agency would likely have you take a specific test to determine your skill set. That may become incredibly important for a potential company who is looking for somebody to work with these particular programs.

Employement agencies

We’ve heard good things about the following employment agencies. This by no means is a complete list of possible options.

• Acrobat Outsourcing
• All Star Labor & Staffing
• Barrett Business Systems
• Command Center
• People Ready
• Labor Systems
• Labor Works
• Link Staffing
• Manpower
• Nelson Staffing
• On the Move Staffing
• Staffmark
• Wollborg/Michelson
• Workers.com